Toning Your Belly with Exercise Ball Ab Workouts

Are you sick and tired of having to jump up and down or lying flat on your back because of that extra flab around your belly? You may have tried different workout plans, diet programs and many others countless “solutions” yet failed to remove that muffin top. You are in luck because there are now so many exercise ball ab workouts that you can do to make that belly go away for good.

Different workout trainers have different methods of toning your abdominal area, from kickboxing to aerobics, and even pole dancing. All of these may be effective, but not every body can go to the gym and have time to do all that, and not everybody has a dance pole installed in their homes unless they go by the name Fantasia Velvet-Cheeks at night. Most fitness experts say that the best way to keep in shape is to go for something that is doable in a way that it can easily fit into your schedule and daily routine.

The good thing is with exercise ball ab workouts, you can easily incorporate these workouts into your lifestyle and make them a habit. Having your own exercise regimen in your home or office is so much easier with the very popular exercise ball. It’s as if you have your personal trainer with you, wherever and whenever.

Why Go For Exercise Ball Ab Workouts?

The exercise ball is made from thick and durable rubber material. This allows you to do your ab workout without putting too much strain on your back and neck. It supports your body without taking away the tension in your abdominal muscles, making it easier to tighten them. There are tons of ab workout programs on the Internet or on video that you can utilize to get rid of your love handles. But why go for this regimen?

An exercise ball is easy to move around which makes it practical at home or your office.
It’s easy to store so you can just place it away once you’re done with your exercise.
It is cheap, unlike exercise machines that cost a fortune.

Exercise Ball Ab Workouts For Starters

If you’re new to an exercise ball ab workout, you are in for a great treat. You can place your exercise ball in front of your television set and watch your favorite show or put on your favorite music to pump yourself up. Here is a great ab toning routine using your exercise ball. Follow these steps and before you know it, you’ll be needing jeans one or two sizes smaller in a couple of weeks. That is, if you’re not wearing your swimsuit flaunting your new body in the beach.

Exercise ball Ab Workout

Do a Routine Warm Up

If you are new to exercising in general. It is a rule of thumb to do warm up exercises before going into a specific workout regimen. This also applies for exercise ball ab workouts. The duration of your warm up depends on your trainer, but if you are doing it at home, it usually takes just 5 to 10 minutes. Warm up exercises are done so that your body is conditioned to do your exercise ball ab workouts later on.

  • Deep breathing exercise
  • Basic stretching
  • Jogging in place
  • Jumping jacks
  • You can even do a little dance number so your mind and body is pumped up.

Abdominal Muscle Toning

After the warm up exercise, you can now use your exercise ball for some toning and tightening. Here are some examples which you can do.
Sit on the ball with your legs together and your back straight. You can either hold the ball by placing your arms to the side, or keep your hands on your nape to create more tension on your abdominal muscles. In a repetitive motion, roll your hips in a circular motion or imagine drawing the letter O using your hips.
While seated upright do a marching motion with your legs stomping your feet but not as abrupt. Your knees should and must reach a height at least higher than your navel. You can also raise both your legs up from the ground and balance yourself while sitting on the ball.
For a more challenging routine, lie flat on your back and raise your legs, resting them on top of your exercise ball. With your arms straight on each side of your body for support, move your hips up and down.

Try these basic exercise ball ab workouts, and you can move on to more complex ones once you’ve mastered them.

I’m sharing everything on my journey to get in the best shape of my life.

I’m sharing everything on my journey to get in the best shape of my life.

I’m learning a lot and so will you.

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Toning Your Belly with Exercise Ball Ab Workouts

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