Kettlebells – A Better Workout!

Kettlebells – A Better Workout!
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Do you know what is the latest trendy workout that tones your body and burns calories on one workout? Kettleballs! It is cast iron cannon ball-like weights, with a handle on top, which you swing and not lift!

Celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Claire Danes swear by this new tone-up tool. It is one of the most effective workout tools to get a fantastic toned-up body. A 20 minute kettlebell work-out, burns on average 400 calories or 20 calories per minute and delivers more benefits than doing 30 minutes on the treadmill and lifting traditional weights according to research from the American Council of Exercise.

What is the secret? Kettlebell workouts combine cardio, strength training, balance and flexibility. Hundreds of years ago, Russian body-builders used these cannonballs for weight training. Today, these workouts can be found around the world.

Isn’t a kettleball like a dumbbell? On many counts, they are the same but the kettlebell is different because of its shape. Although it looks like an ordinary weight, the u-shaped handle changes how this weight works with your body.

Unlike a dumbbell where the center of gravity lies in your hand, the weight of a kettlebell is centred below the handle, so when you swing, every muscle in your body works to balance the rhythmic momentum. This gets your heart rate up fast and targets more muscles. It is a great workout to get flat abs.

Dumbbells are good for building muscles and strength by using slow and controlled movements but kettlebell workouts involve all the major muscle groups in one work-out, focusing on dynamic and rhythmic movements.
A few more benefits of kettlebell workouts include the increase of co-ordination and agility; the workouts are weight bearing so this helps to increase bone density and strength for daily tasks. It also helps to increase power and endurance which is needed for a variety of sports. The risk of injury is low provided you are in good form and you use the right weights. Besides, the exercises are simple and the workouts are straightforward with only one piece of equipment is needed.

Do you want to incorporate kettlebells into your gym routine? You will only need one six to ten pound kettlebell.

The basic exercise is known as the Kettlebell swing. It is simple but in order to reap the rewards, it requires perfect execution. In itself, this exercise can be your entire workout: Grab hold of the handle of the kettleball with one or both hands. For first time users, use two hands Stand with feet apart, the width must surpass the width of your shoulders. Swing the kettlebell up to shoulder height, keeping your arms straight. Repeat the rhythmic motion.


The next exercise is the Kettlebell clean, push and press. This is for more advanced users but provides the same benefits as the swing.First, grab hold of the handle with one hand Stand with feet apart and knees bent. Thrust the bell to the shoulder and at the same time, extend your legs.Hold the position, and bend your knees again. Then, push the kettlebell all the way up. At the same time, extend your legs and lock out your arm at the end of this motion. Do the repeats of the exercise two or three times a week non-consecutively throughout the week, coupled with a nice 30 to 60 second rest between the repeats.

What is the technique? The key is how you hold the kettlebell. Always grip it tightly and ensure that your palms are not sweaty. You will find that the kettlebell is resting on the back of your forearm in most of the positions. It is advisable to use wristbands, so that these will cushion you when you swing the kettlebell.

Two dozen women were asked to road-test the work-out and in 3 weeks, they lost up to 11 pounds and 15 inches. One of the ladies reported that she loved the workout and getting into a rhythm. She loved doing the little tosses which was more interesting than hoisting weights. This gave her a lift on some cardio-high.

If you are interested to get started on kettlebell workout routines, it would be advisable to join a class or get guidance from an experienced instructor who will help you to choose the right weights and the right form. Have a happy kettlebell workout!

I’m sharing everything on my journey to get in the best shape of my life.

I’m sharing everything on my journey to get in the best shape of my life.

I’m learning a lot and so will you.

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Kettlebells – A Better Workout!

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