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Low Carb Diet Plan – The Dukan Diet

The low carb diet plan-Dukan Diet was invented by French dietician and nutritionist Pierre Dukan. The revolutionary slimming plan took France by storm over 30 years ago, and its popularity has now spread across the rest of the world. The Dukan Diet completely revised medical guidelines at the time, which suggested that overweight individuals should consume small portions of low-fat food. Instead the diet advocated eating unlimited servings of high-protein, moderate-fat meat and fish as a way to quickly lose weight. Low Garb Diet Plan -The Theory The diet works on the principle that dieters who are subjected to calorie controlled eating plans often quit because they become hungry and unsatisfied. By cutting out refined carbohydrates which cause insulin spikes and instead allowing large quantities of lean protein, the Dukan Diet can be just as effective as and much more achievable than traditional weight loss programs. How The Dukan Diet Works The Dukan Diet is split up into 4 separate phases, and the duration of each depends on your starting weight and weight loss goals -Phase 1:Attack The first phase lasts anywhere from 5-10 days. Its main aim is to introduce better eating habits and help you learn to deal with hunger. Fast weight loss of up to 6 pounds a week is expected. During phase 1 you must eat 1.5 tbsp. of oat bran and drink 1.5 liters of water per day. No other portions sizes need to be monitored. You can eat as much as you want as long as it is on the allowed foods list of 72 high-protein items. The list includes lean meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, low-fat dairy products, and eggs.

Phase 2: Cruise Weight loss is usually slower in the cruise stage, but the slowdown is necessary to maintain long term results You stay at this stage until you have reached your target weight. In the second stage you alternate between PV (protein and vegetable) days and PP (pure protein) days. On PP days allowed food is the same as in the attack phase, but on PV days high-fiber vegetables are allowed as well. Dukan recommends that you switch between eating plans every other day or every five days. If you are older or do not have much weight to lose, you can include more PV than PP days.

Phase 3: Consolidation Once you have achieved your desired weight, you begin phase 3. This stage is meant to ensure that you avoid yo-yo dieting and adjust gradually to regular eating while still maintaining healthy habits. For every pound you lost previously you should stay at this phase for 5 days (e.g. if you have lost 20 pounds, the phase lasts 100 days). You can introduce 1 piece of fruit, 2 pieces of wholegrain bread, and 40g of cheese to your daily allowance. Every week you can have two starchy items and 2 celebrations meals (these can be absolutely anything), but you should still include 1 pure protein day.

Phase 4: Stabilization The stabilization phase lasts indefinitely. The foods you can eat are not limited, but it is advised that you continue some of the eating habits you have learnt. The only rules are that you should eat oat bran daily and include 1 pure protein day per week to remind yourself of all the hard effort you have put in. Will it work for you? This is a fast weight loss diet, so it is great for people who are significantly overweight. The consolidation and stabilization phases are beneficial for anyone prone to regaining weight, because they put emphasis on making changes permanent. However, portions sizes are not limited, so if you are a meat lover, it is easily possible to find yourself overeating. Equally, the first phase of the diet will be almost impossible for vegetarians because it relies so heavily on meat protein.

The attack phase of the diet is very low in calories, and it contains almost 3 times your recommended protein allowance. To avoid developing nutritional deficiencies, you should only undertake the stricter phases of the Dukan yet for a short period of time. However, later phases, such as consolidation and stabilization, have healthy overall principles. It is important to visit your doctor before starting extreme weight loss programs like the Dukan Diet.




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