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Cable Chest Press

Cable chest press

is a typical exercise for the development of chest muscles as it is meant to strengthen the pectorals major and minor muscles in the chest. It is highly beneficial and adaptable exercise for bodybuilders, weightlifters and also for those who play intense sports like football, baseball and basketball. You can perform this exercise either in the sitting or standing position.

How to Perform Cable Chest Press:

#Sit on the bench straight and grasp the cable handle in each hand.
#Now position the hands around the mid-chest area with your elbows out to the sides.Throughout the exercise, keep your
wrist in line with your forearms.This is the starting position.
#Slowly push the handle out till your arms are stretched straight.
#Gently return to the initial position, when a slight stretch is sensed in the chest or shoulders muscle. Repeat the above steps to continue.

See Also Standing Cable Chest Press

Note: Use full range of motion during each cycle with a slow speed and focus more on contracting the muscle at the top movement.


Advantages of Cable Chest Press:

The primary advantage of the cable chest press is ‘body building‘ which is achieved by strengthening the chest muscle.
It is also used to build up your shoulder, abdominal and triceps muscles with less effort. Your fitness level and stamina will
increased efficiently, which enables you to perform your daily routine with less strain.



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